June seems so long ago. The leaves have been turning colors for a while here and the days are continuing to get shorter. With the dipping temperatures and the inevitable snow on its way, I decided to find warmth in a batch of photographs I captured on the summer trip I took with my wife and her family. Our trip took us out to Matunuck, Rhode Island which is right on the ocean.We rented a house on the Point Judith Pond which was just blocks away from the beach. From the second story of the house you could see both the pond and the ocean.

Mantunuck House

Mantunuck House Pano

Just down the road from the house was the Ocean Mist Beach Bar which had great food and beverages as well as one of the coolest decks to hang out on that I have ever seen. The deck was built over the ocean and the waves crashed underneath it which led to a great experience.


Ocean Mist Bar & Grill

Ocean Mist Bar & Grill Ocean View

Ocean Mist Bar & Grill Dinner

Inside the Ocean Mist Bar & Grill
One of my favorite parts of the location we were at was having the ability to walk to a lot of destinations from the house. Going places on my feet really allowed me to take in my surroundings and put my creativity and camera to work. I noticed a house down the street that I loved that had an ocean view balcony, widows walk and possibly even a look out tower. There was also an inviting sunlit path to the beach that I decided to pass up and only photograph  because I wanted to get ice cream at the Vanilla Bean instead.

Beach House

Beach Walk

Main Drive

Port Judith Pond


Vanilla Bean

Everything felt like a new experience for me; the fresh ocean air, the relaxed pace of life. I can definitely see why people seek out ocean front property! Stay tuned for my next photo blog post from our trip to Rhode Island!