Our adventure to Rhode Island eventually landed us on the must visit Block Island. We took a “Hi-Speed” ferry to the island from Point Judith which was pretty speedy.



The Ferry

Ropes From my understanding the slower ferry takes closer to an hour to reach the island and the faster ferry only took 30 minutes or so. This was my first time on a boat that size and I was relieved that I wasn’t bothered by the motion from the water and get sea sick. Since we were sitting inside the main seating area I wanted to venture outside to see how chilly it was and see how big of a wake the ferry was making. Once I stepped outside it was quite difficult to stay standing! I had to take extra precautions to make sure my camera didn’t go flying into the ocean!

Ocean Ferry

 We pulled into Old Harbor in New Shoreham, got off the ferry and decided to stop and get breakfast before we did anything else.

Harbor Block Island

Surf Hotel

We checked out all the fun shops and activities and then set off on a walk around the island! Our plan was to walk to the SouthEast LightHouse and back to New Shoreham. As we made our trek we had to walk on the side of the road due to the lack of sidewalks, which was more than acceptable because traffic was really light and consisted mainly of people on bicycles.

Curvy Road - Block Island

Curvy Road - Block Island


Birds of a feather



Lost at sea

Block Island Laundry

I was able to take photos whenever I wanted which was important because you know I love to take a lot of photographs. After some time we arrived at the SouthEast LightHouse and we were all pretty exhausted. We stopped so we could rest up a little bit and check out the map to see where we could go next.

SouthEast LightHouse Wide

SouthEast LightHouse

SouthEast LightHouse Close Up

SouthEast LightHouse

We decided to just keep walking and meet up with another road that would take us back to New Shoreham without backtracking. We grabbed our gear and started to walk back when we came across a sign for the Mohegan Bluffs. The sign was enough to peak our interest since we had already walked this far, we thought we might as well check it out. Just past the sign there was a wooden staircase that was a direct route to one of the coolest hide-a-way beaches I have seen.

Mohegan Bluffs Bluffs

Mohegan Bluffs Stairs 2

Mohegan Bluffs Stairs

The descent down the stairs was pretty painless (unfortunately going back up wasn’t as easy) and there was a phenomenal cliff side view as a distraction. At the bottom of the stairs there was an area filled with rocks which people had stacked on other rocks as well a large somewhat rocky beach area. To our backs were the bluffs we had just climbed down and a house here and there at the edge of the bluff.

Mohegan Bluffs Rocks

Mohegan Bluffs Pano

Mohegan Bluffs Ocean Side

We eventually got the courage to climb the stairs all the way back up to the top and continue on.

We walked back towards New Shoreham with sore feet and tired legs and decided it was time to to relax on the beach. We met up with everyone else in our group, grabbed our beach gear and headed over to Ballard’s Inn beach.

Ballard's Inn

We all were able to use this time to catch some rays and rest before it was time to catch the ferry and head back to Point Judith.


Keep an eye out for my next Rhode Island adventure photo blog post!