I am not a car enthusiast by any means, but I do enjoy learning as much as I can about vehicles when I get the chance. Not that long ago I discovered that my friend Dave was going to be putting a new exhaust on his Infinity G37s. I asked him when he might be doing the swap because I was interested in checking it out. I found out it was the next day; so early on the morning of May 24th, I decided to take a trip out to Oregon, Wisconsin and see what was going on. I arrived at the garage ahead of schedule so I wouldn’t miss anything. Once Dave, Dave’s dad and Rick showed up, everyone was eager to put the car on the lift and get the exhaust swapped out. Infiniti418_web Infiniti419_web

Since the giant bay door only allowed a flood of natural light to get into parts of the garage I wanted to use my flashes in the darker areas to balance out the light. You will see light coming from different angles in different shots in an effort to change the feel and focus of the photographs.

Infiniti420_web Infiniti421_web Infiniti422_web Infiniti423_web Infiniti424_web Infiniti425_web

Dave shows us what happens when you hit your head on your car tire. At least tires are a little bit cushy!


Since the shoot was pretty spontaneous one of my flashes died right away. I made a quick run to get new batteries and sadly I missed most of the removal of the old exhaust.

Infiniti427_web Infiniti428_web Infiniti430_web Infiniti431_web Infiniti432_web Dave decided to get the new exhaust system (hand made by Fast Intentions in California) to give his car more power and more noise. He broke it down for me in layman’s terms and told me he was looking to finish up the “breathing” modifications for the car. He had already modified the breathing in of the car at this point and this was the final piece of the breathing out modifications. “The way I always explain it to people is to imagine running a mile with your hand over your mouth. It would be horrible.”

He went on to tell me that with the new exhaust, the car can breath out more easily with less back pressure and then the cylinders in the engine can move with much more ease. This allows for more power to go to the wheels instead of fighting the pressure of the exhaust. Infiniti433_web Infiniti434_web Infiniti435_web Infiniti436_web Infiniti437_web Infiniti438_web Infiniti439_web Infiniti440_web Infiniti441_web Dave really felt the need to photobomb me as I was taking pictures. Rick was just putting the finishing touches on the exhaust! Infiniti442_web Infiniti443_web Infiniti444_web Infiniti445_web Infiniti446_web Infiniti447_web Infiniti448_web Infiniti449_web Infiniti450_webRick wanted to make sure everything was properly fastened, so he sent Dave up on the lift with the car on to make sure there wasn’t anything rattling. Infiniti451_webOnce everything sounded great we were ready to roll out of there. A successful (and hassle free from my understanding) exhaust swap which only took a couple hours. Nice work gentlemen!