After classically getting sick with “whatever was going around the office” this past week, my productivity in life was at an all time low. I was religiously taking medicine, drinking lots of water, constantly resting, and worst of all finding myself watching daytime television when I wasn’t sleeping. Sleeping at night was impossible, I could barely walk to the kitchen without getting winded when I was hungry (which wasn’t often), and the worst was having to stay home from work because of my lack of normal functioning. When I was feeling the most drained I peaked at a temperature of 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit.Drained

I’m still not at one hundred percent but I did have enough energy to come up with a photo idea today. Since I didn’t have enough energy to organize a shoot with anyone (or dare ask anyone to do a shoot with a very sick person), I came up with the idea to dedicate this weeks photo project to the medication that helped me get through this past week of doom. It’s not the most spectacular way to start out my photo project but I’m just thankful to feel better enough to get behind the camera again. I’m sure there will be other obstacles in the future that will try to take some of the wind out of my sail for this project, but I will do whatever it takes to keep this creative ship sailing on!