Up Close
I had a great time shooting the Clean Lakes Festival Barefoot Challenge this year. I knew the event was going to be very exciting to shoot, but until you're in the boat with the camera you really don't know what to expect!

Bare Foot Dive
When I see this picture I just imagine getting tossed across the lake at forty miles an hour like a skipping stone.

The pull ropes get tangled from time to time but that doesn't stop the bare foot action.

Happy Spectators
There was a great turn out to watch the competition! These fans wanted to as close as they could to all the action.

Hanging On
Aaron Schoelzel threw on the GoPro camera for a lap or two at the figure 8 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Still Undefeated
Paul continued to stay undefeated through the bracket early on. Would he hold on untill the end and win?

The Fight for Victory
Bob Mahnke was still a threat to the bracket as he burned through his competitors late in the game.

Paul Stokes Cruises to the Finals
Paul stays undefeated through the entire competition only to find out he is matched up with his old friend Jon DeBelak in the finals!

Bare Foot Legends
Paul Stokes and Jon DeBelak wished each other luck before the two competed head to head in a double elimination challenge for first place.
Lap Two
Jon DeBelak doing everything he can to ensure a first place finish in Madison, Wisconsin.
Paul Goes Down
Paul Stokes loses the first round of double elimination in this shot. Jon will go on to win the second round as well and take first place! Congrats Jon DeBelak!

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